MakuaMon Desktop Notice

Limiting Our Computer Time is Healthy

But We Need the Computer to Get Things Done

So Target Time Wasting Apps and Stay Productive

Let MakuaMon and AIM Do the Work for You

For Adults, Teens, Students, Parents and Kids


PC Time Management That Works!

  • Unique capabilities for parental control, self-control and peer control PC time management
  • Set time limits, define break times and block computer and app usage
  • Group apps under a unique set of limits, time schedules and time limit enforcement actions
  • Flexible time limit warning and blocking options for all types of work and play scenarios
  • Usage summary dashboards combined with the computer timer help you identify problem usage patterns and apps that need time limits
  • Exclusive Action Intensity Management (AIM) does the dirty work of managing the consequences for exceeding time limits
  • Friendly, customizable desktop notice is a personal computer timer that lets users check and manage their own time
  • Live, at-a-glance usage and time limits, detailed usage logging, summary emails and text message alerts keep you in the know and maintain a transparent understanding of time spent
  • Password protected and secure remote control and monitoring from any computer on your home network
  • Continues to monitor and enforce time limits when laptops are away from home
  • Limit computer time for adults, teenagers and kids, including gamers, parents and students
  • No other solution on the market brings all the tools required to limit computer time so effectively and so easily for any age of computer user

Identify Daily Usage Habits of Top Users in Your Home

Compare daily computer usage to computer time limits

Use the computer dashboard to quickly see the top users on the computer and their daily usage for the last 7 days. Color coded meters give at-a-glance views of usage relative to computer time limits you have set. One click to set computer time limits, limit computer time based on a schedule, identify problem apps, set actions for exceeding time limits and set up alerts to let you know real-time how your efforts to limit computer time are working. Add additional users and computers so you can limit any computer time and limit any app time in your home, all from your computer.

Set Computer and App Time Limits for Work Days and Play Days

Set computer time limits and usage breaks

Limit computer time for work days and non-work days. Limit computer time per session, limit computer time per day and limit computer time per week. Time limit tools are simple and intuitive, using the same interface for computer time limits and app time limits. Set computer and app break times for work days and non-work days. Enforce breaks when computer and app time limits have been exceeded. Set permission to earn and use reserve time to extend computer and app time limits. Award reserve time for staying within limits and for taking required breaks from the computer or any app.

Set a Schedule to Define Work Days, Play Days and Hours During the Week that Usage Is Blocked

Set Computer and App Time Schedules

Set the days of the week and the hours of the day when computer or app usage should be blocked. You can set schedules with 15-minute granularity. Set the days of the week that are work days vs non-work (play) days. Limit computer time and app time differently for work days and non-work days.

Set Actions to Enforce Limits, Breaks and Blocked Time Periods

Set computer time limit action settings

Take advantage of flexible and productivity enhancing options to enforce computer and app time limits. Your choice to log the user off, lock their workstation (without losing work in progress) or close any app that has exceeded its time limit. Choose to block computer access when a break is due or during certain times of the day while allowing the computer and productive apps to be used at other times, all according to established time limits. Turn on AIM and MakuaMon will escalate exceeded limit consequences when computer time limit objectives are not being met.